Very Edible Goods

Highlighting purpose for VEG

Very Edible Goods is planting the seeds of their revolution; an independent farm on a mission to reconnect consumers with the origin of their foods. While simultaneously combating soil degradation, through regenerative processes that pursue purpose, not profit.

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Their Challenges

We defined the core brand idea behind Very Edible Goods as - Farming with purpose. The founders spoke deeply as to why Very Edible Goods is different from the ground up, compared to traditional agricultural models. They focus on facilitating ecosystems instead of increasing profit margins.

The brief

Very Edible Goods aims to build a community around their brand, where purpose is shared and the focus is on the produce, the ecosystems they are rooted in and the impact agriculture makes. We built a brand that places the produce center stage, where stories and narratives can evolve, while also bringing an element of surrealism into the picture.

The results

Beyond laying the foundations of the Very Edible Goods brand, a mobile friendly website was built to enable customers to purchase Very Edible Boxes online, helping consumers join the revolution and contribute to a purpose that goes beyond profit.

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“Working with Jahren has been a great experience, he’s gone above and beyond throughout the project. He’s created a brand that we feel is both bespoke to our business as well as engaging for our customers. His guidance has been a huge help, helping us create a brand that can continue to develop, bringing fresh perspectives to the table”.

Toby & Ben, Co-founders, Very Edible Goods

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